Wednesday , June 16 2021

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Coronavirus: Premier League Records 6 Positive Cases.

The premier league has penciled 19th June 2020 for the resumption of its league and the remaining matches. As a result of that they conducted a test on 748 players and staff on Sunday and Monday for coronavirus. At the end of the first test 6 out of the 748 persons tested positive for the novel virus.

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The Latest Sports News Today-6th May 2020

A picture of the tour de france in the latest sports news today.

Sports Inquisitor has returned to business as usual. We have rounded up all the latest sports news in the world and brought you the ones you need to know about. Read the article below to find out what is going on in the world of cycling, football, and formula one. …

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More Sports News Today – 4th May 2020.

The German Bundesliga  (DFL) has confirmed that there have been 10 positive test results for coronavirus in the top two divisions in Germany, following on from Cologne confirming three staff members had tested positive for the illness over the weekend. German football's main governing body has stated there will also be a second phase of tests as it works towards a resumption of the season.

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Latest Sports News In Under 5 minutes.

A picture of TAA in the today's latest sports news.

Know all the latest sports news in under 5 minutes. Stay up to date with what is going on in the world of sports. Coronavirus or not, sport is still alive. LATEST SPORTS NEWS: TAA WILL SURPASS GARRY NEVILLE BY FAR. Former Manchester United defender Rafael is of the view …

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6 Ways The 2019/2020 Premier League Season Can Be Concluded

A picture of some of the players in the 2019/2020 premier league season.

The 2019/2020 premier league season has been thrown into chaos with the emergence of the coronavirus pandemic. This pandemic has brought everything to a halt. Businesses, Education, and Sports have been all affected somehow. It is sports however, that has suffered the most damage with everything brought to an abrupt …

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The Latest Sports News Around The World-29th April 2020

A picture of Deontay Wilder in the latest sports news today.

There are still latest sports news flooding in despite the fact that the coronavirus is still showing no sign of slowing down. Sporting activities are suspended but there are still news in the sporting world. In this article I round up the top sports news in the world. Read below …

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Today’s Latest Football News-27th April 2020

A logo of Serie A in today's football news.

In today’s latest football news, it all about the major European league. The premier league, serie A, the bundesliga and La Liga are all the news. They are all feverishly planning to resume the season if it is possible. Go ahead and read the details below. LATEST FOOTBALL NEWS: SERIE …

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Covid-19 Premier League XI Rule Breakers

We now live in a covid-19 pandemic world. As such there are a number of rules that have been instituted by most countries. Most of the rules have put a ban on going outside or partying or having any sort of social gathering. However, some players do not care about …

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The Latest Sports News From Around The World

A logo of the bundesliga which is a part of today's sports news.

Sports news from around the world is trooping in even though the Sports world together with other industry’s have either paused or postponed most of their activities. because of the covid-19 pandemic.  Sports news are still a thing. In this post we look at the latest sports news making waves …

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A picture of Gareth Bale in today's football news.

Today is another bright new day. As such there are a lot of football news available. However, we at Sports Inquisitor are determined to bring you the best. As such we have summarized the best of them and brought them to you in detail. Read the news below and share …

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A picture of the number of foreign players in today's football news.

A look around the footballing world brought up several football news. However, not all of them are worth mentioning. Over here at Sports Inquisitor, we have analyzed and brought you the top 6 ones. This are the news you need to stay updated in football, even in this coronavirus pandemic …

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The ePremier League Tournament (a FIFA online game) by the premier league just started today. This invitational tournament is meant to help raise funds which will be donated to the #PlayersTogether initiative.

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A picture of today's football news .

A host of football news  are making the waves in the footballing world. Here at Sports Inquisitor we have rounded up all the news, analyzed the key and most important ones you need to know. This are the top 9 news we have decided on. Read all of them and …

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A picture of the famed Barcelona academy La Masia.

La Masia which translates in English as The Farmhouse is Barcelona’s famed academy. It has been known to produce countless young players with the dream of making it unto the big screens. The academy is known for training players to play in a certain way (tiki taka). La Masia has …

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