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The Premier league is back once again. The 2019/2020 Premier League season began a little over a week ago and is in full swing. It is living up to the hype and praise as the best league in the world. New players like Ceballos, Teemu Pukki, Rodri Hernandez etc. are lighting up the league with their skills and talents. The old ones like kevin De Bruyne, Raheem Sterling, Aubameyang etc. are still hungry for success. We are just two matches into the season but expectations are already building, ones that will come to shape the season. In this article we look at 5 of the things to expect in the league this season.


The new league season may be just 2 matches old but one expectation is already forming. The expectation has to do with how certain clubs will compete for the premier league crown. Manchester City, Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspur are the clubs that are setting the pace and seeking to fight for the crown.

Manchester City are the defending champions, having annexed the crown last season after a spirited battle with Liverpool. They are back for it once again. They showed that in their performance against Westham United away from home. The champions smashed them 5 goals to nil. Their 2nd match against Tottenham Hotspur also saw them put in a good performance against Spurs. It is only the VAR that knows how they didn’t win. They will forgo that incident and look to improve in their quest for the title. They should be able to do that considering the fact that they lost zero players and beefed up their squad.

A picture of Man City, Liverpool and Spurs, the contenders of this season's premier league.
A picture of Man City, Liverpool and Spurs, the contenders of this season’s premier league.


Liverpool, the team that finished second last season will be aiming to go one better this season. They have started the season well by recording two wins from two. Although they have lost first choice goalkeeper Allison to injury, they have a good backup in Adrian. They also retained all their key players like Manchester City. Their early season indication shows that they are ready to battle for the title.

Tottenham are the 3rd club who is in contention of winning this season’s premier league crown. They showed that by coming from a goal down to win their 1st match of the season. They also fought hard to draw with City in their 2nd match, twice coming from behind to level. This improvement in performance, coupled with their new signings show that Tottenham are here to challenge for the crown.


Another thing to expect from the premier league this season is that the race for a place in the premier league top 6 will be fierce. Aside from the premier league top 6 last season, Leicester, Wolves, Everton and to some extent Westham are all fighting for a spot. The early season performance is already an indicator of that. Leicester have recorded two draws, against Everton and Chelsea. Everton have also recorded a win and a draw to begin the season well. Chelsea haven’t begun well but there is time to change that and Wolves have drawn their first two matches. The performances of all this teams shows that they want a spot in the premier league top 6.


A picture of Everton, Leicester and Wolves, the contenders for top 6 this season.
A picture of Everton, Leicester and Wolves, the contenders for top 6 this season.



This season’s premier league new boys (Norwich, Sheffield Utd and Aston Villa) arrived with one common objective, that is to stay. They have already started showing that especially Norwich and Sheffield United. Norwich lost against Liverpool in their opening match but played wonderful football and it led to their win over Newcastle in their 2nd match. Sheffield United also recorded a draw against Bournemouth in their 1st match and won against Crystal Palace in their 2nd match. This means that they already have 4 points in the two matches old league, the same as Manchester City and Everton. There is Aston Villa who lost against Spurs in their 1st match but played good football. They were rewarded with a draw in their 2nd match against Westham United. This good performances from the new boys show they are here to stay.


Norwich, Sheffield United and Aston Villa, the new boys in the premier league.
Norwich, Sheffield United and Aston Villa, the new boys in the premier league.



Another thing to expect in the premier league this season is how the Video Assistant Referee system will be a force to reckon with. The VAR was introduced into the premier league this season. It made it presence felt right from the beginning when it denied Wolves a win against Leicester City by ruling out their late goal. The technology featured heavily in the opening day by awarding Manchester United a penalty against Chelsea as well as ruling out a Man City’s goal against Westham.

It again featured heavily in matchday 2 matches like Westham vs Brighton and Man City vs Tottenham. It was in the latter match that the technology denied Guardiola and his troops a goal and subsequently a win against Spurs. Guardiola like all the other Coaches felt aggrieved but there will be more of that as the season progresses. The VAR will be a force to reckon with for teams in their quest to win the league, achieve top 4 or top 6 goal and to survive relegation.


The race for the premier league golden boot has always been fierce and this season will not be an exception. If anything, it will be hotter or fiercer this time around. All the usual suspects are fits and raring to go. Sterling, Aubameyang, Kane, Aguero, Mane and Salah have all opened their account for the season with Sterling leading the pack with 4 goals. The new boys like Pukki and Sharp have also opened their account with Pukki surprisingly leading the chart with Sterling with 4 goals. Old players like, Martial, Rashford and Ashley Barnes are also in the mix. The race for the golden boot might go right down to the wire if the opening two matches of the season are anything to go by.


A picture of the Premier League Golden Boot and it Contenders.
A picture of the Premier League Golden Boot and it Contenders.


This are the 5 things to expect in the premier league this season. What other things do you expect in the premier league this season. Share your opinions and views on that in the comment section below the article. Share the article to reach people like you if you found it interesting and educative.

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  1. I’ve never been a big fan of soccer, but I do enjoy sports. It is always interesting to see each new season because of new or different players joining our favorite teams and finding their strengths and how well they mesh into the team. My favorite basketball team has traded away some great players, and I’m definitely going to be paying attention to the new additions this year.

    • Gave the wrong reply earlier. Whether it’s football or basketball the new season always bring certain expectations. That was what i was trying to put across except i did that with football. Thanks for your comment.

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