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Liverpool managed to get 97 points in the premier league last season. Yet they still fell short of attaining the elusive 19th premier league crown. A lot of people can argue that it was just not meant to be and that lady luck wasn’t on our side but I bet to differ. To me we fell short because we lacked goals and creativity from midfield. It is surprising to learn that of the 89 goals we scored last season, only 10 were scored by actual midfielders. If we should subtract those scored from penalties, that number whittles down to 7.

Naby Keita of Liverpool.
Naby Keita of Liverpool.

In as much as our midfielders contributed to the 22 clean sheets and 22 goals conceded, they didn’t do enough on the other end of the spectrum. Henderson, Fabinho, Wijnaldum, Milner and to some extent Lallana just don’t have goals in them. But that will change this season with the presence of fit again duo Chamberlain and Keita and this change might be enough to win us the eagerly anticipated 19th premier league crown.


Chamberlain contributed 3 goals and 7 assists in the 17/18 league season before his season ending injury in April 18. That is 10 goals involvement. Keita, acclimatizing to a new environment, sustaining injuries and used sporadically also contributed 2 goals and an assist last season. With the 2 fit again and more so in the case of Chamberlain, their timing couldn’t be better. It coincides perfectly with the beginning of the 2019/2020 premier league season.

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain celebrating for Liverpool.
Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain celebrating for Liverpool.

Their rehabilitation and adjustment have gone smoothly. Chamberlain was involved in all the preseason matches Liverpool have played so far while Keita is part of the team in their Evian training camp. So, come the start of 2019/2020 premier league season we might have some new signings on our hands. Their penetrating abilities, dribbling, eye for pass and shooting will make this Liverpool team better at handling all situations. The kind of situations that resulted in draws with Westham, Leicester, Everton and Manchester United which ultimately decided the premier league race.

They will in my opinion make us strong and unpredictable which will power us to glory. They just may be the missing piece of the jigsaw needed to capture that elusive 19th premier league crown. The one we have been dreaming about for decades and just can’t stop imaging in our heads.


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