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Coronavirus: Premier League Records 6 Positive Cases.

The premier league has penciled 19th June 2020 for the resumption of its league and the remaining matches. As a result of that they conducted a test on 748 players and staff on Sunday and Monday for coronavirus. At the end of the first test 6 out of the 748 persons tested positive for the novel virus.

These 6 individuals come from three different clubs. Their names and their clubs have been kept under wrap by the premier league. The individuals who tested positive for the virus have been put in quarantine and will stay there for 7 days until another test is done. The premier league has said a second test will be conducted soon to fully declare the remaining players and staff coronavirus free.

The number of people who tested positive is small considering the number of people who were tested. These show that the premier league’s plan of following in the footstep of Germany might be possible after all. The premier league has been under suspension since March when the whole world became affected by this pandemic.

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