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To retire our Black Stars legends honorably is a must. It is for that reason that i deem it necessary to write this important piece of article. I write this article to reach everyone in Ghana, that is the Ghana Football Association(GFA), retired players, football pundits, football administrators and managers, football team owners and fans. I think we should;
(a) devise a good policy to retire our Black Stars legends honorably.
(b) apportion enough respect for our Black Stars legends and forgive those who might have misbehaved in the past.
(c) help and comfort our Black Stars players who get difficulties at their teams and not heighten their woes and pain.
The Black Stars Players at the just ended Afcon.
The Black Stars Players at the just ended Afcon.
The way we celebrate and honor the heroes of our nation AFTER THEY ARE DEAD looks hypocritical and horrible. It is horrible when you realize that most of those same heroes were not honored whilst they we’re alive. It looks so easy to rename forts and institutions after our DEAD NATIONAL LEGENDS (which can be right under the right circumstances).  How bad does it look to give our national team all time top-scorer less than 45 minutes playing time at a tournament he has honored the nation at on more than five different occasions. Why Ghana?


One of the  football pundits at the just-ended African Cup of Nations (AFCON 2019), Laryea Kingston is usually sad when he and his panel have to talk about world cup matches. That is because a certain West African country (with all due respect) called Ghana which he played for denied him that experience in 2006 and in 2010, notwithstanding his great quota for the Black Stars. Laryea Kingston had a red card in 2006 which meant he had to miss three matches.
The coaching staff left him out of the world cup 23-man squad, even though they knew we could play 7 (possible) matches at the world cup. We qualified out of our group after losing to Italy but beating Czech Republic and the United States of America. We played our fourth match against Brazil, a match that could have utilized the skill and abilities of Laryea Kingston because he would have finished serving the three-day match ban. Brazil  beat Ghana 3:0 and maybe, just maybe, Laryea Kingstons” inclusion could have made an advantageous difference.
A picture of the dishonored Laryea Kingston.
A picture of the dishonored Laryea Kingston.
In 2010, Laryea Kingston was not in our South Africa World Cup squad again because he had been benched and punished by his Scottish club. Rumors got to us that, Laryea Kingston was punished because he chose Ghana ahead of Hearts in Scotland. We never followed up on helping Laryea Kingston to recover from such a retrogression. After that incident Laryea Kingstons’ once shinning football career withered till he decided to come home to play for Accra Hearts of Oak. This is one of the reasons why I say we should retire our Black Stars legends honorably.


Again the all-time top-scorer of our Black Stars, Asamoah Gyan was stripped of his captaincy and benched by coach Kwesi Appiah in a dishonorable way; a decision that was made just a month before the major AFCON tournament began. I don’t praise the easily-infuriated attitude of Asamoah Gyan, but I rebuke how heartless we can be in dishonoring our legends WHILE THEY ARE STILL ALIVE. Did you see how Germany and Brazil treated Klose, and Ronaldo respectively? Even Adriano wasn’t punished like how Asamoah Gyan was punished by a nation he has honored for more than a decade.
A picture of the dishonored Asamoah Gyan.
A picture of the dishonored Asamoah Gyan.
From April to June, 2019, we heard formal and informal plea on the media from both Sulley Ali Muntari  and fans that stated his desire to don the Black Stars colors once again. He wanted to play at the AFCON and for the Black Stars at least one more time before he retires, but this plea of his was not considered nor granted.


So do we have a policy to help and honor our Black Stars legends at all?
Ex-Black Stars player Stephen Appiah “single-handedly” organized his own ceremonial and farewell match in Ghana in 2015, It was clear the GFA(Ghana Football Association) couldn’t even secure a 50% help for him in that regard.
I saw him fly in his former teammates to Ghana with his own cash and giving out iPhone’s as gifts to those who honored his invitation. We have to be serious here. Even if other FA’s have not been doing that, I want Ghana FA to spearhead such ceremonial matches for our Black Stars legends.
Our ex-Black Stars players, like  Samuel Osei Kuffour, Richard Olele Kingston, Stephen Appiah, are the same people we call on to help our national teams technical staff. We need to be proactive and respectful enough towards each other while we are still alive.
I propose that every 23-man squad for a major tournament should have at least one retirement or farewell selection slot for any Black Stars player who may want to say goodbye within the year or few months to come.


I don’t want to say a nation that does not honor its heroes is not worth dying for, because we don’t help our nation just because of our quest to be celebrated. But it is equally important to make a trans-generational progressive change that will satisfy our eternal souls.
Although at times we do honor them, it is usually after they have died and that is so bad. Dear stakeholders of Ghana football, please let us retire our Black Stars legends honorably. God bless our homeland Ghana and make our nation great and strong.
Ghana Football!
Forward ever; backward never!
Thanks for your attention. I am grateful. Let us share this article to reach who it may concern. Thank you.
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    Gershon Boakye

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