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The transfer market of today has gained a new name or acronym. “Crazy” is how football lovers all over the world and pundits alike interpret or call it. What is the reason or motive behind such a name or interpretation. Transfer records are made and broken like bricks used in construction. The record transfer fee for a player before 2010 was 94 million euros. That was when the then world best player Cristiano Ronaldo transferred from Manchester united to Real Madrid in 2009.
But over the last 8 years that record transfer fee has been broken 9 separate times including Cristiano Ronaldo himself. Other exorbitant prices have been charged in between. Before Cristiano Ronaldo’s record transfer to Real Madrid in 2009 the existing transfer record was set in 2001. That was when Zinidine Zidane the current Real Madrid boss transferred from Juventus to Real Madrid for 77.5 million euros.

Current Record In The Transfer Market.

The current transfer record in the transfer market stands at a staggering 222 million euros. This was set when Neymar Da Silva Jr transferred from Barcelona to Paris saint Germain two summers ago. Before then Gareth Bale and Paul Pogba broke Ronaldo’s record when they transfered to Real Madrid and Manchester United for 100 million euros and 105 million euros respectively.  Neymar’s transfer then broke the remaining restraint and bone in the waist of the transfer market. It paved the way for other clubs to charge crazy money for their players.
A picture of Neymar, the most expensive player in the crazy transfer market of today.
A picture of Neymar, the most expensive player in the crazy transfer market of today.

Other Crazy Deals In The Transfer Market

In the same window PSG bought Neymar, they also confirmed another blockbuster deal. This deal involved then teenage sensation Kylian Mbappe for a total package worth 180 million euros. A 45 million euros loan fee for the 17-18 season followed by a 135 million euros transfer the following season.
The craziness did not end there. That same summer Osmane Dembele traded Dortmund for Barcelona for an initial 105 million euros with a further 42 million euros in bonus payment. Phillipe Coutinho also left Liverpool the following winter transfer window. He did so for a reported 120 million euros which could rise to 160 million euros if he still stays at the club and all conditions are met.

More Crazy Deals In The Transfer Market

Other crazy amounts have been paid since that Neymar transfer two summers ago. We can talk about Harry Maguire’s transfer from Leicester City to Manchester United. It was a 80 million pounds transfer, a record breaking deal for a defender. Before Maguire’s transfer Virgil Van Dijk was the most expensive defender when he signed for Liverpool from Southampton for 75 million pounds. Alison Becker and Kepa Arrizabalaga both broke the record for a goalkeeper in less than a month in the 17/18 summer transfer window. They were bought by Liverpool and Chelsea for an insane 66.8 and 71.6 million pounds respectively.
A picture of harry Maguire in a United Shirt.
A picture of harry Maguire in a United Shirt.
Cristiano Ronaldo came to break his transfer record again when he defied age and common sense to swap Real Madrid for Juventus. The transfer fee involved in that deal was still an astonishing 117 million euros.  This summer which is yet to end has witnessed some of the transfer craziness as well. Eden Hazard transferred from Chelsea to Real Madrid in a 100 million euros deal while Portugal teenage sensation left his country club Benfica for Atletico Madrid for a crazy 112.9 million pounds.

Any Crazy Deal To Expect.

A look at the top 15 transfers of all time shows that all of them happened  in the last 6 years. In the last six years, it has taken a minimum of a year and a maximum of three years for the transfer records to be broken. Do you see the current transfer record broken in the next 1-4 years? If so who do you for see breaking it? Is it Kylian Mbappe the world cup winner with the world at his feet.  Is it Jadon Sancho a rising star or Kai Haverts and Trent Alexander Arnold of Bayer Lverkusen and Liverpool respectively. Can it also be two time premier league golden boot winner  Mohammed Salah and his team mate Sadio Mane or Neymar himself considering he failed to win the ballon d’or at PSG  and is fed up with life there. Share your views and comments in the comment section below.
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  1. I remember when I was younger my dad would tell me how, in football, millions may as well be part of the currency. If someone goes for 30, it’s 30 mil. Of course when I was ten 30 mil would get you a lot. Now it’s pretty standard for your mid range, nothing special but not bad defender or midfielder and you might have to fork out hundreds of millions for your favourite striker. Absolutely insane!

  2. It is crazy how much money professional athletes make, but they also work hard for it too. I follow a few here in the US, and I’m always amazed by their stories because they are so motivated to make a better life for themselves and their families because they came from very humble backgrounds. I love seeing their success stories.

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