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Blogging is so common and prevalent nowadays. Everyone has a story on why they started blogging. This is mine and it is entirely different than what you have heard and know. It starts like this. I am a Ghanaian by the name Fredrick Adehe residing at Elmina, Ghana. I recently graduated from University of Cape Coast with a degree in B.Ed. Social Studies. Aside from being trained as a teacher, I have skills in sports discussion and analysis as well as an avid reader.

A picture of the blogger known as Fredrick Adehe.
A picture of the blogger known as Fredrick Adehe.

I am also a unique sports blogger who discusses and analyzes sports issues happening or affecting the game in an unbiased and unadulterated manner. My blog’s slogan is Sports Inquisitor – the truth always. This means I am always striving to report nothing but the truth. I encourage and help people develop passion for sports. I would very much love support from the blogging community to share my message and anyone that come across this post. The name of my blog is Sports Inquisitor.


My story started more than a decade ago. I first developed the passion for sports after watching Liverpool play AC Milan in the 2005 champion’s league final. I have been a sports lover and fan ever since. That passion I have for sports quickly grew and I wanted to share that with my friends so I created a Facebook page where I discussed sports issues and asked for their opinions. I later found out about blogging and realized that I could reach more people and share my passion with them. Then hopefully turn them into sports lovers if they are not.

I therefore started Sports Inquisitor less than a month with that dream and purpose in mind. I hope to achieve that aim by through education and sensitization as well as creating awareness. It would mean a lot to me if my message can be spread across.

A picture of the blog known as the Sports Inquisitor.
A picture of the blog known as the Sports Inquisitor.


  • Sports inquisitor aims to be your premier sports website and a community.
  • Sports inquisitor seeks to educate.
  • It again seeks to entertain.
  • Sports inquisitor is interactive.
  • The blog also seeks to grow sports.
  • Sports inquisitor discuss issues in the game both the good and the bad.
  • Sports inquisitor develops in you the passion for sports.
  • It also improves your mental skill by involving you in discussions and analysis.
  • Sports inquisitor is unbiased.
  • Sports inquisitor provides you with genuine contents.


Blog: https://www.sportsinquisitor.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/adehefredrick

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/sportsinquisitor

Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/adehefredrick

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/adehefredrick

If you love sports or have the same desire and passion for it as I do then follow me on the above social media links while sharing this message. Thank you.


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